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Axe Throwing Clothing – What Should You Wear?

Axe Throwing Clothing

If you are getting started with axe throwing, you may ask if there is a uniform for Axe Throwing Clothing. Sports like basketball or football have jerseys and kits, so do you need to have one in axe throwing as well. These sports definitely need the appropriate clothing from top to bottom.

From its days of being exclusive for lumberjacks, axe throwing has grown to become a sport for both men and women. Two leagues namely the World Axe Throwing League and the International Axe Throwing Federation holds and organizes axe throwing events throughout the world. There is even a world championship for both leagues.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about what to wear in axe throwing. The general rule when it comes to Axe Throwing Clothing is comfort. Remember you will be throwing an axe so you need to wear something that will allow you to throw easily.


It is important that the shirt you wear is as comfortable as possible. Remember that when you throw an axe, you must raise both hands above your head. If you wear restrictive clothing when axe throwing, such as shirts, winter jackets or jackets, you will lose the desired competitive advantage and will not be able to work optimally.

If the shirt you wear doesn’t limit your ability to throw an axe, your overall axe throwing experience will improve. Before going to the venue, throw an axe to check if the shirt you are wearing is appropriate. If the shirt is too tight to move, change into a more comfortable dress so you can throw the axe without interfering with movement.

T-shirts are ideal for throwing an axe, because when you raise your hands above the crown, they don’t crawl and don’t create obstacles. Loose, comfortable long-sleeved shirts can also be worn, but men should avoid wearing tight shirts. Although you look good, they are not suitable for throwing an axe, because they do not give you the full range of motion to hit a target or target.

For women, loose tops or shirts are the best option for axe throwing dress code to get the freedom of movement you need. If you have long hair, it is recommended to fix it so that it does not interfere with your hair and does not interfere with your sight by pulling it.

A flannel shirt is completely optional, but can be used to create a forest style to match an ax throw.


Since throwing an axe involves more weapons than legs, the type of portable pants doesn’t matter. You can wear pants and shorts, but make sure either one is the most comfortable. Women are even ready to wear skirts or skirts. However it may seem strange to see that you should wear closed-toe shoes and sandals are prohibited.


You don’t need to wear boots when throwing an ax, but you can also stop the boots as needed.

When throwing an ax, you need to wear tight boots, and most media do not allow you to throw an ax with bare boots. This rule was made only for security reasons. The ax is heavy and sharp, and if you accidentally slide your hand while moving towards the target, your legs and fingers can be seriously damaged. If this happens and your legs are not protected, you will probably need medical attention which will definitely ruin your entire ax throwing experience.

In addition to the axe accidentally falling onto your foot, there is another danger from wood chips. When wood chips fall on the axe, the wood chips will move away from the target. If you don’t wear open toe shoes these chips will cut your legs. Wearing closed-toe shoes when participating in an ax throw is for your safety and entertainment only.

Unfortunately, even in the hot summer it is strictly forbidden to wear slippers, open sandals and bare feet!

Women should never wear high heels when throwing an ax. Even if these toes are closed, they are not suitable for the heel when throwing and cutting axes. In addition to destroying your image, you can also suffer. To give you the best time, it is better to wear running shoes, casual or flat.

The shoes are better because you stop most of the time and even train a little. Wear casual shoes or sneakers, but don’t wear sneakers, sandals, or any other open-toe shoes.


Wearing a hat when participating in ax throwing competitions is completely optional, and there are no restrictions on the type of hat that can be worn. It is recommended to wear a hat only when throwing an ax, if the incident occurs in the sun. In this case, wearing a hat can protect your head (especially if you have baldness) and prevent sunburn.

Branded Apparel clothing for Axe Throwing

If you accidentally participate in an axe throwing event, chances are you won’t get any brand name clothing for the event. If teams compete against each other, it is sufficient that the same team members wear shirts of the same color. For example, you can let the red, blue, and yellow teams compete.

For companies holding axe throwing events, organized as a teamwork event or simply as an interesting outing, the company may wish to provide participants with clothing (hats or T-shirts) bearing the company logo. This is especially true if many different companies compete and compete with each other.

If you think you want to drop the axe and end up joining a particular club or league, you’re likely to wear affordable brand name clothing for axe throwing. Each major ax thrower club and league offers different ax throwing clothing brands – from hats to hatchet t-shirts to sweatshirts.

Your success in axe throwing lies on being able to throw as comfortably as you can. You don’t need to be a trendsetter in axe throwing fashion. Also, you need to consider your safety when throwing a deadly weapon so closed shoes is your most important footwear. In axe throwing, comfort and safety is most important. As for clothing, you can just come as you are in the venue where you will throw an axe.

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