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Can I wear Crocs to axe throwing? Closed-toe shoes are essential for axe throwing because they’ll help reduce the risk of foot injuries. But what if you absolutely can’t resist wearing Crocs?

I’ve been know to rock a pair of Crocs from time to time, but never at the axe throwing facility.  Luckily, I have never heard of anyone that had an accident while wearing Crocs to an axe throwing club. However, this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened!

Are Crocs Good For Axe Throwing?

No. Crocs or other open-toe shoes are not allowed for axe throwing. Axes are sharp and heavy; if you do not wear the proper footwear, they can hurt your feet.

In addition to this, open-toe shoes will hinder your axe throwing skills, so it is best to wear closed-toe shoes. This way, you can avoid injuries that may result in medical attention and make your axe throwing experience even better.

What Are The Dangers Of Wearing Crocs?

Although Crocs are a trendy shoe, they are also highly unsuitable for axe throwing.

While Crocs may be great for gardening or other outdoor activities, axe throwing can be dangerous.

A sharp axe can easily puncture a Croc’s plastic sole, making your feet susceptible to injury. In addition, the lightweight materials used in Crocs can cause them to easily fall off your feet while throwing an axe, leading to potential injury.

The science behind the instability of Crocs is relatively simple: they are flexible, and you can bend them to your will. This means they are less stable and might slip off your feet, especially if you run towards an oncoming target and accidentally bump it first.

While wearing your Crocs, your toes are also at risk of coming in contact with other thrown axes, especially if you are tossing around targets made of hard materials. This can result in some pretty nasty cuts and abrasions.

What Footwear Should You Wear Instead?

Consider many things before buying a pair of axe throwing shoes. For starters, you should ensure that the shoes you’re planning to buy are closed-toed. Axe throwing requires your feet to be protected from splinters, the axe, and other hazards. Closed-toed shoes are the safest option for this activity. For women, you should avoid wearing high heels and anything with open-toes.

A great pair of boots is also a good option. Boots provide good ankle support and protect your feet from splinters. Leather boots are also great for providing traction and avoiding slipping on the floor.

What About Sneakers?

Wearing sneakers for axe throwing is perfectly fine as well. You might even consider buying a pair of sneakers specifically designed for such activities. These shoes have a lower profile that won’t give you as much toe room between the axe and your foot.

They also protect your feet from the small protrusions of the axe head. If you’re buying a new pair of shoes for axe throwing, make sure it has a high-top design that provides ample toe room without exposing you to the risk of the axe going beneath the shoe.

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