Head To An Axe Throwing Bar, London

london axe throwing

People have been throwing axe since 6000 BC. However, warriors’ first documented use of axes was in the 3rd Century A.D. By the late middle ages, throwing axes was a standard weapon. Competitive axe throwing was organized by the frontiersmen in North America, but the Celtic tribes reportedly held their own competitions. Axe throwing became … Read more

Examples of Lumberjack Axe Throwing

lumberjack with an axe

Logger sports and lumberjack performance has emerged due to competitions in the lumber camps. The goal is to understand who is the best lumberjack, and now these games are used more to recognize and maintain history and traditions. Throwing an axe is the main content of the lumberjack contest, but it’s only recently been commercially … Read more

How To Throw An Axe Throwing Party

axe throwing party

Looking for a fun and unique way to throw a party? How about inviting your friends and family over for an axe-throwing party? Whether for a company team building, bachelor party, or birthday,¬†axe throwing parties¬†can spice up the event and take the idea of a fun party to the next level. Axe throwing has grown … Read more