Axes For Throwing – Can Any Axe Be Thrown?

axe throwing axe

Are you a beginner in axe throwing and wondering if you need a particular axe for the job? This article will answer that question. Do You Need A Special Axe For Throwing? If you’re new to the sport of throwing weapons, you may be wondering if you need a special axe for throwing. Tomahawks and … Read more

Can I Wear Crocs to Axe Throwing?

axe throwing crocs

Can I wear Crocs to axe throwing? Closed-toe shoes are essential for axe throwing because they’ll help reduce the risk of foot injuries. But what if you absolutely can’t resist wearing Crocs? I’ve been know to rock a pair of Crocs from time to time, but never at the axe throwing facility.  Luckily, I have … Read more

What Does An Axe Throwing Target Stand Look Like?

axe throwing target

One cannot deny the popularity of axe throwing. From its days of being exclusive to lumberjacks, men and women are now hooked to throwing axes. In the past 10 years, competitive ax throwing has become increasingly popular worldwide. The World Ax Throwing League (WATL) was established in 2017 and has now become the governing body and alliance … Read more