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Enjoy These Family Outdoor Games

Axe throwing rules

Family reunions are the best time to have fun and share lasting memories. Time with the family is always precious. These are rare occasions when relatives can be together. This is also the perfect time to organize games for bonding and enjoyment. Playing games is one of the ways you can while your time away. Here are some fun games for families that you can play during your reunion or other events.

 The Banana Game

Ask all willing members to line up. Tie a string around a banana and hang the banana from their waist so that it hovers just above the ground. Put a whiffle ball in front of each player. Using their hips, players swing the banana to hit the ball. The first player whose ball crosses the finish line is the winner.


Croquet is a game that can be played in the backyard. For this, you will need wooden mallets, colored balls, wooden stages, and nine steel wickets. For two or four players, you will need four balls. The usual colors are blue, red, black, and yellow. One side plays with blue and red and the other black and yellow. For six players, you need six balls.

You can use strings or chalks for defining the boundaries or flags and stakes for marking the corners. The object of the game is to advance the ball through the course and score points. The winner is the first side to score 14 wicket points and 2 stake points.

There are nine wickets and two stakes arranged in a double diamond pattern. For a smaller playing court, the distances should be scaled down and should be proportional to the length and width of the court. Wickets should be firmly planted in the ground and the width should be uniform throughout the court.

To determine the order of play, the two sides could either toss a coin or hit closest to the middle wicket. The winning side determines whether they will play first or second. For four player games, the order of play is blue, red, black, yellow. For six players, the order is blue, red, black, yellow, green, and orange.

Croquet can also be played singles with one ball per side. The winner is the player who advances his or her ball around the court first. Another option is to draw lots to determine the order of play.


The rules of spikeball are adopted from volleyball but with some additional changes. The game is usually played with four players but can be played with six players as well. The ball used in the game is a yellow, lightweight, and plastic bouncy ball. The ball is slightly larger than a softball but smaller than a real volleyball.

The net used is similar to a miniature trampoline that is raised up about eight inches off the ground. This is what makes spikeball different from volleyball.

To start the game, four players stand around the net with teammates standing next to each other. This way, players will always be standing across the net from their opponents to make it possible for players to serve the ball.

Like volleyball, players serve the ball by bouncing it off the net. The receiving team is only allowed up to 3 hits and then they should bounce it off the net to the other team. The game continues until the ball bounces on the net twice, goes out of play, or until someone carries the ball or double hits it.

With spikeball, you are only allowed to use one hand to touch the ball. Teams are allowed three hits to return the ball but the same player is not allowed to hit the ball twice. Three hits is not a requirement for returning the ball, one or only two hits are acceptable as well. Punching, hitting, setting, and bumping are allowed but carrying the ball is a violation.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt can include finding and collecting certain items or looking for clues that lead to treasures. This can be the basic or complex method you want. Kids can play alone, or if you want brothers and sisters to make friends, let them play on two or more teams.

Some items on your list may include:

  • A particular type of leaf or flower that’s native to the area
  • Kindling for the fire
  • Litter that can be recycled
  • A piece of pine bark
  • Wild mushroom
  • A signature from the oldest person at the reunion (let the kids figure out who it is)

If you want to be fashionable, you can create some tips that need to be solved along the way.

Tip: Set the parameters by telling children to be within 50 or 100 feet of the camp or to stay within range of the camp.

Family Talent Show

Let each family member use their talents in front of the entire team. Even people who think they are not talented should be able to make some suggestions.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Sing, sing
  • Do dramatic readings
  • Read memory poems
  • Perform short plays with one or more family membersĀ 
  • Juggle
  • Play musical instruments,
  • Dance

Tip: This is one of the best family events, you can use the camera to record and watch future meetings.

Camo Chameleon Bean Bag Toss

Kids ages 4 to 10 will love this double-sided bean bag game in which one or two players can play horizontally or vertically. Children aim the numbered bean bags with the corresponding small bags (or toss them in small bags).

They will unconsciously do all the work of coordinating hands and eyes, counting and recognizing numbers, while remaining very happy. The polyester fabric has a strong metal base, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor play.

Flickin Chicken

A silly backyard game that combines petanque, miniature golf, and flying chickens and brings lots of fun to the family. Firstly, it is suitable for families who roll dice, suitable for 2-4 players. The player then turns the chicken toward the target to get as close to the target as possible. These chickens bounce, making it harder than it sounds. The player with the highest score after nine rounds of chicken toss wins the game.

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