Fun Outdoor Party Games

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Organizing a backyard party on a fine summer weather is the perfect way to catch up with friends or bond with the family. But just standing around in the sun just chatting under the sun without any activity can get dull and boring after some time. Injecting some fun outdoor party games to your event can make it enjoyable and truly memorable.

Disc Tic-Tac-Toe

In this game, you just need a shower curtain, duct tape, and six or more flying discs/frisbees. Most of these items can be bought at your local dollar store. The rules follow the classic game except that they involve frisbees. This game isn’t easy as you think as it is a test of accuracy and aim.

Egg Race Obstacle Course

For this classic game, you will need a wooden or plastic spoon, ropes and chairs for the obstacles and of course plenty of eggs. This egg race has literally some twists and turns because it involves obstacles. Players will need to turn or climb while preventing their egg from falling throughout the length of the course. This game can be done as a relay, timed course, or just a simple race depending on how many people and props is available.


One of the classic outdoor party games that never goes out of style is limbo. If you don’t have a broomstick, a pool noodle can be used as the bar. The aim of the game is to go low without touching the bar. The person who can go lowest will be the winner.

Water Balloon Toss 

This is a game that both kids and kids at heart will enjoy. Players take turns in tossing the balloon back and forth as they move further away from other players. The team with an un-popped balloon will be the winner. A good substitution for water balloon toss is sponge bomb toss.

Musical Patio Chairs

Another classic party game is musical chairs. This game can be played outdoors as well. Add more twist to the game by playing blindfolded. It will make the game more fun and challenging.

Hula Hoop Toss

For this simple hoop tossing game, you need balloons, permanent markers, a hoop ring, and tools like forks or plastic piles to attach the balloons to the ground.

Before tying the ball to the ground, simply draw a number on the ball (25, 50, and 100, 500 or less for young children). To score, the children threw a hoop into a balloon. The participant with the highest total score wins.

Giant Water Pong

Instead of red mugs and cheap beer, get huge trash cans or buckets, water, and big rubber balls. Fill the bucket with about half the water and then divide them into several meters at a distance of 3-2-1. Then select a team and let the players try to hit the ball into the giant cup. Just like in the adult version, the house rules also depend on the owner (is the release insufficient or excessive? Is the jump allowed?). The winning team first cleans the bucket of the failed team.

Ring Toss

This DIY game is a great game that promotes better hand-eye coordination. This is a classic game that children and adults love. Add it to your summer outings, outdoor parties, family celebrations, and patriotic parties.

You can use a round pine board, 2 pins, draw and drill to do it yourself! The ring is made of nylon rope, # E6000 glue, and tape.

Drizzle, Drizzle, Dunk

 Very suitable for a hot day, this summer version of “duck, duck and geese” allows everyone to sit in a circle, walk alone, everyone has a little water on their heads. Then she chose a man who “crashed” and poured a glass of water over her head. So the wet, wet man should chase him around the truck and mark her before she sits down, making him a new truck.

Balloon Dart Board

This good budget tutorial on a balloon dart board not only shows how to make a dart board, but also shows how to turn it into an exciting game: every child can win prizes based on pop-up balls.

This can be easily accomplished by placing a numbered note on each ball corresponding to the prize. Also, there are several examples of how to convert regular balloon darts into Christmas darts for Halloween and Christmas.

 Pass the Water

Use plastic buckets or large glasses for this wild game. Let the participants break into teams and stand in a row, and then tell the first one to pick up the bucket and over his head, pour the water behind him (I hope!) Into the waiting cup or bucket next to person. in. Keep going down. The line with the most water in the bucket at the end will win.

Noodle Ball

Divided into groups, each group has a large laundry basket as their “goal”. Deliver the noodles and drop a ton of balloons onto the lawn. The winning team is the one that can get more balloons on the target within a set time, using only noodles.

Kick The Can

In this old-school approach to hide and seek, the player designated as “it” counts, and everyone else is hiding. Then “It” went to look for his partner. The “it” then searches for their companions, who will then go to the “captured” area once tagged. At the same time, uncaptured players can attempt to hit a metal can in the middle of the playing area to free all captured players.

Water Balloon Hot Potato

Fill some balloons with water and let the participants form a circle. Then make a small hole in the balloon and then quickly pass by. If you’re the one holding the balloon when it runs out, you’re out. Repeat the process until only one person remains.

Donut-Eating Contest

It’s not your traditional donut game – this kid version involves hanging donuts on a clothesline by a rope. Participants should try to eat a donut without arms. These outdoor party games will spice up your day and make it truly memorable.

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