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Fun Throwing Games For All The Family

Axe Throwing Games

From its roots of being a sport exclusive for lumberjacks, axe throwing has gone a long way and has now become the biggest trend in indoor recreation. It now has two leagues that organizes competitions for participants. The aim of axe throwing is similar to darts, you want to hit a bullseye and get the most number of points after ten throws.

Axe throwing is played not only as a sport. It is also a great activity for team building among teammates in a company as well as for family bonding. Fun axe throwing games are also a great activity for relieving stress. Annoyed with your boss? Let it out in an axe throwing facility.

Through the years, different variations of the game have emerged. These games had made axe throwing even more fun and competitive. In this article, we shall take a look at the different variations of fun axe throwing games.

Humans vs Zombies

Humans vs Zombies is a funaxe throwing game that is also ideal for family bonding.  The objective is to try and survive a zombie apocalypse with only your axe as weapon. There are two objectives in the game. For the zombies, spread the plague by defeating the human players in single matches. For humans, the objective is to gain enough points to survive the zombie apocalypse.


One Zombie player (Patient Zero) will go up against a human player and throw one at a time. (humans first) A match can be as many throws as the judge would like. For large groups we suggest 2 or 3 throws, for small groups we would suggest 5 to 10 throws.


The scores can be decided and changed as you like, but we decided to do the points like this example below.

Also keep in mind your zombies can be drawn differently. No zombie is alike!

Points from least to highest.

  • 1 point for arms
  • 2 points for legs
  • 4 points for torso
  • 6 points for core
  • 8 points for the farther back zombie heads
  • 10 points for the front zombie head


Every time a Zombie player scores higher a Human player in total match points, that human player switches to the zombie team. Growing the horde one person at a time.

If the human beats the zombie player, calculate how many points over the zombie, the human scored. That point total goes to the human side.

Zombies win if they are able to convert all humans to zombies. Humans win if they get enough points to reach the goal.

You can make revisions to the rule by adding a bomb and an antidote. The former has the power to destroy multiple zombies. When struck, this can double the points of your last throw. For instance, you got 4 points on your first throw and on the second you get 8 points for hitting the bomb. The equivalent of your two throws is 12 points.

With the antidote, it has the power to convert zombies back to humans with the exception of Patient Zero.

Around The World

Around The World is a game that tests a players skills in aiming the whole target not just the bullseye. The objective of the game is to hit each region in succession beginning from the left side of the board working your way across (1,2,3,4,B,4,3,2,1, (Killshot).

In this game, you can not proceed to the next target until you hit your current one. You can’t skip or come back. This game is played head to head as you aim to finish the cycle ahead of your opponent.


This is a game between a team of two. It follows standard play except that teammates throw at the same target and they should release their axe before the first axe released touches the target. To be successful, the teammates can countdown before throwing.

The total possible points for duals is 128 per game as score remain the same but have doubled because there are two players. A helpful advice is for one player to attempt to get a bullseye and the other to score in the ring outside for 4 points. This will prevent the axes from hitting each other and falling out


In cornhole, players are split into teams of two and their aim is to score exactly 21. Let’s say that your team is already at 19 points and get 4 points for a total of 23, it will be invalid and your score goes back to 19.

You would want to always throw second because being the last to throw will allow you to get an exact number of points. The team that scored most recently is always the first to throw.


With two teams, the best result is 100. The goal is to be the first team to reach zero. The hard part? You have to achieve a score of exactly zero, which means that if your score is 2 and you have an “apple”, then this is 6 points, your score is now -4 and you need 4 points to return to zero.


Although this game initially seems simple, it will be very difficult when you start to launch. The goal of this ax throwing game is to hit each ring / target in the correct order, which means your first throw is aimed at the outer ring and the second throw is aimed at the second ring from the outside. Once you hit the target, your goal is to hit the blue ring in the upper left corner, and then the upper right corner. The first team to successfully hit all targets in the correct order wins!


Surely you are familiar with this childhood game. Quite popular for decades already, axe throwing has its own version of this well-loved kid’s game. The objective in tic-tac-toe axe-throwing is similar. You aim to hit three in a row grid on your target by throwing an ax, and each team or player throws one on the grid. The first person to successfully drill all axes wins!

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