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There is a danger in mixing alcohol and lethal weapons, especially if you’re using an axe. If you’re interested in learning more about staying safe when axe throwing, read on.

You’ll learn more about how axe throwing bars handle safety and alcohol. This article aims to answer the question: “How Safe Are Axe Throwing Bars?”

Are Axe Throwing Bars Safe?

While the idea of axe throwing may be fun, it’s also hazardous. This fact has led to the growth of an industry with a multimillion-dollar valuation, which has led to the establishment of dozens of axe throwing bars around the country.

To keep its attendees and employees safe, axe throwing bars must follow some safety protocols. Below are some things you should know about axe throwing bars.

Axe throwing bars aren’t for everyone. Many serve alcohol and food, making them an ideal combination for drinking. Make sure you read any regulations and check that they are strict.

Also, make sure the place is clean and free of other safety hazards. Axes can fly quickly at people when intoxicated, so be sure to keep this in mind when attending one of these establishments.

Apart from following safety regulations, axe throwing businesses should ensure participants follow them. A proper safety brief should be provided to the participants. Ample practice rounds should be conducted before the actual competition begins.

To increase safety, axe throwing businesses should post signs explaining the proper throwing techniques. An appropriate protocol for axe retrieval is also an essential safety regulation. Otherwise, people could get in the way of the thrower attempting to retrieve an axe.

Mixing Alcohol And Axe Throwing

Mixed drinks and axe throwing are not uncommon at axe-throwing bars. Despite the growing popularity of this activity, the state’s liquor agency has resisted offering beer to customers under the age of 21.

In addition, the proliferation of these bars in the United States may not mean that the state is concerned about its customers’ safety.

Although axe-throwing is a novel idea, it comes with severe consequences. Alcohol and fast-moving axes can cause severe injury or death, and these bars are a recipe for disaster. So, how can you avoid the potentially disastrous effects of mixed drinks and axe throwing? Here are some tips to stay safe while attending an axe-throwing bar:

It is a well-known fact that combining alcohol and ax-throwing can be dangerous. However, how this practice can be safely mixed is not entirely clear. For example, many axe-throwing bars do not serve alcohol, but if they do, it could lead to an increased risk of harm to the venue’s staff and customers. Axe-throwing bars have only been operating in the United States since 2006. In Canada, however, they started out as a novelty.

How Bars Handle Axe Throwing Safety

Regarding axe throwing safety, most bars have the same rules that any other place must follow. For example, axe throwing bars must ensure that first-aid kits are readily available and that the staff has trained personnel who can administer it. These rules are essential to ensure your axe throwing session is as safe as possible.

Nevertheless, even if your bar is doing everything possible to ensure your guests’ safety, it is still your responsibility to ensure that all participants are responsible and stay afloat during the activity.

The most important rule for safe axe throwing is to ensure that the axes used by your establishment are well-balanced and do not bounce. This is especially true if the axes come from outside, which might pose a safety risk.

Allowing participants to bring their own axes can pose a safety risk. Limiting the number of axes allowed per lane will help instructors regulate the participants and keep track of the throwing area. Combining these rules with retrieval guidelines will ensure everyone’s safety.

Although axe throwing is relatively safe, most establishments require participants to be at least eighteen years old. Participants under eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Adults can also be responsible for ensuring they have valid identification. Younger children should not participate in the activity since it can be dangerous for them. And remember that axe throwing requires a dress code!

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