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How To Build An Axe Throwing Target

Build An Axe Throwing Target

In order to beat the best axe throwers in the world, you need constant practice. This is where having access to the numerous axe throwing venues come in. You can hone your skills and master the perfect launch by heading to the nearest axe throwing facility to you. However, there are times when the venue is jam-packed that you will not be able to practice. These are the times when you wish you have a DIY axe throwing target. Having your own practice equipment can help you practice without having to for a venue. Build an axe throwing target at home to allow you to practice at your own pace at your own schedule.

Here are some tips on how to build your own axe throwing target so you can get started with practicing your axe throwing skills.

1. Select the wood you will use.

Pine wood is fine but you can use any conifer, including spruce. Finding boards without too many nodes is very important, especially in the middle – you don’t want the log to bounce off the block. Also pay attention to a dark or heavy tree, which can be denser and more difficult to attach to an ax. The board must be 2×10 inches long and 4 feet long. (Generally sells for 8 feet or more.)

The left panel is perfect! The middle and right panels are tied and tight, respectively.

2. Gather the other materials you need

You only need a few supplies for the ax to drop the target:

  • Paint marks or sharp objects. We use 15mm red, blue, black and green labels, but you can use permanent labels at home.
  • Drill and screw
  • At least 15 inches of rope
  • Soda or beer can

3. Find the center of the board

With a tape measure, measure the length (height) from top to bottom of the 2-foot board. Then find the center (width) from left to right, which should be about 4.5 inches or more. Place the screw in the center and tighten it to extend, but not move, about 1 inch. ,

Feel free to move the target as needed to avoid excesses

4. Prepare your lines

This line is a guide for placing the target and ring in the correct target screw space. There is an apple and 2 large rings around the ax launch board. The diameter and radius of the ring are as follows:

Diana: 7 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches in radius

The first ring (red): diameter 17 inches, radius 8.5 inches

Second ring (blue): 27 inches in diameter and 13.5 inches in radius

We will use the length of the radius as a guide. Tie a small loop at the top of the rope, and then extend the length of the rope along the ruler (including the loop). Starting at the end of the cycle, mark the 3.5-inch bullseye on the string, the 8.5-inch red ring, and the 13.5-inch blue ring.

While maintaining basic authenticity, you can choose how you like it!

5. Draw an apple and a ring

Put the loop on the screw. Use the 3.5-inch mark as a guide for the string, place a sand ball next to the string, and then “rotate” the marked chord around the screw (please check the video for visual effects!). This will create a complete circle for you. Since we use only one table, this will be the only full circle. Repeat this step for the 8.5-inch red ring on the string, which will eventually look like two curves around the target. After that, you can repeat the operation for the blue ring (13.5 inches radius). Note that in the video we only played a circle around the block.

Use the marker on the line as a reference, hold it next to the marker and rotate it once. Not necessarily perfect!

6. Pull out the clutch

You can use soft drinks or the bottom of a beer can to get the clutch out. Place the bottom of the can 15 inches above the center of the target and just over 4.5 inches aside. Route the cable around the bottom of the tank to form a circle and fill it with green if necessary! Of course, if you don’t want to enter clutch expert mode, be sure to use the outside diameter of the can. (Pro tip: You can draw some links on the board to help them last longer!)

Path on the outside of the can (outer diameter, not less)

7. Relocation target

The target should be 63 inches (5′3 ″) from the ground. Use a drill or nail to attach the target to a tree or other base (this requires more work, but some launchers can fix the target). Be sure to drop it in a safe place. Your neighbors don’t want your ax to take their grandmother’s hat off!

8 Moisturize the board

When the target is reached and ready, it should be used, but first we can consider the problem of surface irrigation. With wet wood, we can help our axis better match the texture of the wood and make it easier to stick to the wood.

It is recommended that you use an aerosol can instead of a hose to soak it, because you want it to soaked under light pressure and you don’t want to severely damage or warp the wood.

A real axe thrower is said to have either an axe throwing board or 2 training boards. Throwing an axe in a training center and location can allow you to get involved in the community and meet people with similar interests, but it can increase the cost.

The organization requires you to help pay for rent, security equipment, location, space, etc. Also, the board of directors. We can use simple materials to make our own things, these materials can give us a little family practice or create a fun party or outdoor activities.

Now that you can build an axe throwing target in your backyard, you can start honing your throwing skills and master the perfect launch.

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