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Mini Axe Throwing Games For All The Family

Mini Axe Throwing Games

Axe throwing has grown in popularity over the years. It is now a game with its own set of rules and leagues. The IATF & WATL devised their own scoring systems to determine who will emerge as the cream of the crop. There are the standard games you can play in tournaments. But for fun and enjoyable games, there are also mini axe throwing games that you can indulge in with friends or family.

You can play many of these home axe throwing mini games to prepare for competitive axe throwing & make some money on the side. Your activity will always start with these games so that in the future all participants can participate in other competitions. These are some of our favorites.


With two teams, the highest score is 100. The goal of each team is to become the first reach zero. Here’s where the challenge lies. You must achieve a score of exactly zero to win. For example, if your score is 2 and you have an “apple”, then this is 6 points. Your score is now -4 and you need 4 points to return to zero.


Although this game may seem easy at first glance, you will realize the difficulty once the game starts. The goal of this indoor axe throwing game is to hit each ring / target in the correct order, which means your first throw is aimed at the outer ring and the second throw is aimed at the second ring from the outside. Once you hit the target, your goal is to hit the blue ball in the upper left corner and then the upper right corner. The first team to successfully hit all targets in the correct order wins!

Around the world

Around the world is designed to test players’ abilities in relation to the entire objective, and not just the point of view. The goal is to continuously hit each dotted area on the left side of the board, and then act step by step. 1,2,3,4, B, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Killshot).

You can’t go to the next part of the target until you hit your current goal, and you can’t fail and go back!

In around the world, players go head to head, and you are trying to complete the full cycle ahead of your competitor.

Around the world can also be played in tournament with the other standard games being played. Now the defeated player must throw the smallest ball instead of the highest score.

Tip: The key to an effective throw is Align the launch arm (one arm) or half the body (two arms) with the target part you want to launch, do not try to launch to the right or left, as this will make it more inconsistent.

Two players: doubles

Doubles need a team of two and play against a team of the other two.

Double follows the standard game format, with two exceptions. Teammates throw at the same target and the two players from the same team must throw their axes before the first axe hits the target. This is typically most effectively accomplished by counting down to launch.

Now the total number of points in doubles is 128 points per game, because the points remained the same and the number of players doubled.

Tip: Since the target is small, it is generally reasonable for one player to try to get the target while the other tries to score 4 points on the outer ring. This prevents the axles from colliding with each other and falling, resulting in a zero point.


Cornhole is a very popular game in the midwestern United States that can generally be seen in the barbecue area and parked in the yard on weekends. If you are not familiar with hole games, you can read the full guide here.

For best results, compete against teams with the same skill level to avoid very fast matches.

Throwing axe has its own variation. Players are divided into groups of two, usually with a score of 21. Their team must score exactly to win.

If your team scored 19 points and the total score is 23 points, you will receive 4 points that are ignored and your score will reset to 19.

It is good to throw the second instead of the first, because throwing the last will give you an accurate score, which generally requires closing the game. The team that scored recently has always been in first place.

All scores are counted or offset by Cornhole.

For example: team A has 8 and team B – 5. These points cancel each other, so team A scores 3 and team B – 0.

Change the purpose of the call:

If selected, it gives the player a chance to summon the target before the shot. After successful success, they scored twice as many points. If they lose their goal, they will get zero! Look it here.

Human and Zombies:

Humans vs Zombies is a garden axe throwing game that uses the differences between throws to score.

The zombies chased people, trying to take away their views, and people try to beat the zombies. Depending on the team you belong to, this is a game with +15 or -15 points.

Since the zombie flips second in each round and has a slight advantage, you can flip a coin to determine who belongs to which team. Once you have chosen the members of each team, you can start throwing the axe and try to achieve your goal.

If the human score is 4 and the zombie score is 6, the total score is -2. The first team to reach the goal will win. Defeat your opponents by 64 points, defeat your family in matches around the world, or defeat other opponents. They can help hone your axe throwing skills and prepare you for the competitions and try to beat the best axe throwers in the world.

These Mini Axe Throwing Games can be fun when played with friends or family in the backyard.

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