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Barbecue parties between adults at the beach or backyard are always popular. It is a great opportunity for socializing with friends and bonding with the family. But chatting all the time without any activity during the event can become dull and boring. In this article, we have compiled the best fun outdoor party games you can integrate in your next barbecue party.

1. Cornhole

This is a classic yard game that requires precision and good throwing skills. It can be played head to head or as a team game. This is the adult version of children’s bean bag toss. The goal of the game is to at least get the bag on the board or even better through the hole.

2. Giant Yard Pong

Giant yard pong is a variation its more popular brother, Beer Pong. In that game, the aim is to sink pink pong balls in cups arranged in triangle formation. However, Giant Yard Pong is ten times harder. Instead of cheap plastic cups, players attempt to shoot balls into big red buckets. Tennis balls are usually required. This game requires precision and skill and perfect for large groups of people.

3. Ladder Ball Toss

In ladder ball toss, players are given two plastic golf balls filled with sand connected to a string. Teams or players has their own ladder. The goal of the game is to throw the balls the right way that they wrap around their opponent’s leader scoring points in the process.

This game requires precision and skill with the hands and good throwing skills. The distance between ladders can be adjusted accordingly. Ladder ball toss is easy to setup and portable so you can carry it with you creating instant fun wherever you go.

4. Croquet

Traditionally a British game, croquet is fast becoming one of the most popular games for group in the United States. It is a game that is ideal for people of all ages. However, it requires more time, skill, and precision. Although they have individual balls, the game is often played as a team game. The aim is to hit the ball through the wickets and stakes in the correct order to score a point. The first team to hit all their balls through the wickets and back to the starting stake is the winner.

5. Bocce Ball

The game is typically played in a court but the grass or lawn can still be fun. This is a team game. First off, you decide on the number of frames you wish to play. The game starts with one team throwing a pallino, a little white ball, into the court. Each team throws four balls aiming to get as close to the pallino as possible. Players are allowed to hit other balls.

The team with the closest ball to the pallino at the end of one frame wins that frame. The team with the most points at the end of all frames wins the game.

6. Spikeball

Spikeball is an interesting and fascinating variation of volleyball. It requires equipment, but it is a great party game, perfect for competitive players.

Players start on two teams, generally two players on each team. You play with a flexible yellow ball similar to volleyball. The center between the two teams is the “network”. It is like a miniature trampoline, slightly raised above the ground.

Pass the ball to other teams first. Your goal is to prevent the other team from returning the ball. With the exception of serve, the ball may only be hit, but not thrown or sustained. Each team can hit the net in three hits.

There are many ways to earn points, but the main objective is to pass the ball onto the net. The game requires precision and athleticism, and can be as long or short as necessary. This is very useful for large groups and can be a good party game!

7. Horseshoes

Horseshoe is a classic game with a thousand year history. It requires very little equipment and costs, but it can create hours of fun!

Two wooden stakes should be located far from each other in the yard. Then both you and your opponent hit the horseshoe on the bet. “Dangdangdang” means that the horseshoe is fully wound on a stake, which costs three points. If this does not happen in the round, the nearest horseshoe (if it is less than six inches from the pile) gets the point.

Interestingly, the points can be undone! There are other rules, but this is the basic knowledge you need to know. Horseshoes are suitable for small parties. This is a game that requires precision and skill, and can be studied by people of all ages!

8. Outdoor Dart Games

Playing lawn darts is simple but a little dangerous. All you need is a set of lawn darts and at least two three different sized rings, and the hula hoop works well! This game is perfect for parties, but be sure to keep kids away! Darts can be sharp and dangerous.

Put two rings on the grass first, one ring inside the other ring as a target. Then save the other ring. You should start by entering the insulated ring with one foot, and you must click on the “dart” below to try to place it on the target ring.

The scores are: three points to land on the inner circle, one point to land on the outer circle, and one point for the nearest dart outside the target circle. Usually, the winner is the first person to score 21 points.

The game is easy to play and does not need many skills. This is a great game for adults, but if there are children around, be careful!

9. Giant Jenga

Jenga is another classic indoors. Many people around the world like this intense game of balance and precision. Now with Giant Jenga, the game can be played on the street with even higher stakes!

Players stand around a tower of wooden blocks. In turn, it removes a block from the tower and replaces it from above. But be careful not to tilt the tower! Whoever does this loses.

This game is perfect for parties. This requires skill and patience, as well as a gentle hand. But its tension and complexity make the game fascinating for people of all ages!

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