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Popular Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Axe Throwing Games

Teenagers are fun loving individuals. They are able to celebrate just about anything the way they want if allowed. When it comes to outdoor games for teenagers, they love to have laughter, fun, and bonding regardless of the occasion. Here are some teenager group games they will surely like playing.

1. Three-Legged Sports

 To play three-legged race, you will need masking tape, cloth strips, or bandanas as well as any kind of ball. Divide the group into pairs and tie their inside legs together. With each pair having three legs, you can form a team and have them play any sports from kickball, soccer, basketball, or tag.

2. Mini Teen Choice Popularity Awards 

 The idea of the game is to have friends cast votes to select winners in certain fun categories such as the likeliest to travel the world, president of the country, best dancer, best sportsman, and others. This can be done during a team building activity or gathering. Distribute slips of paper with all the categories and ask the participants to cast their ballots. Choose unbiased individuals to tally votes and select the winners. You can come up with cheap trophies to award for the different categories.

3. Soccer the American football way

This is another popular game for group. Have the group form a team. You can form small goals or play goalless. The twist here is that instead of a soccer ball, you will use a ball for rugby or American football. It will be fun watching the teams kicking a ball that bounces in the oddest fashion.

4. Split and Slide 

 It is said that sports that involves pumping of adrenaline starts with a simple side across a slippery surface. In this game, the objective is to create a split and slide for everyone outdoors. You will need a huge yard for this game. On a plastic tarp 50-60 feet long, spread cooking oil, ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and other slippery substances. Have the teenagers line up and slip and slide one after the other. Oil is important to make sliding easy and fun.

5. Blindfolded Dodgeball

 This is a variation of the game of dodgeball. Choose a ball fetcher and a blindfolded teenager who will throw the ball. Get a dodgeball and ask other blindfolded teenagers to stand at the center of the play area. The blindfolded ball thrower should ask the gang if they are ready. The ball fetcher should remove teens hit by the ball from the play area. The last teen standing will be the winner.

6. Obstacles for the blindfolded

 This will require a yard or playground with enough space for installing obstacle courses. Group the teens by pair. One should be blindfolded and the other will lead the blindfolded using their voice only.

7. Blob Tag

This game can be played indoors and outdoors. It’s a twist to the typical game of tag. When a player has been tagged, that player and the one who tagged him will join hands and catch the next victim. The next person tagged joins the two others who tagged him in catching more victims. The game continues until the last person has been tagged as well.

8. Balancing the Bucket

The rules of the game are simple. Each team lies on the grass or floor on their backs and form a circle using their feet and raising them, meeting each other at the center. A bucket full of water has to be balanced on the circle of the feet. Once the bucket has achieved balanced, each member of the team will remove their shoes without spilling out water or letting the bucket fall.

9. Dodgeball Mayhem

 This is another variation of dodgeball without boundaries and it’s every teenager for themselves. When one teenager is hit, they are out of the game. If a person catches the throw, the ball thrower leaves.

10. Sponge Pass

This outdoor game is best for hot summer days. Teenagers should be divided into several rows. In front of each row, you should put a sponge and a bucket of water, and another empty bucket at the back of the row. By draining the timer, the first teenager on the row must immerse the sponge in water and transfer it to the person who is on their back until the sponge reaches the last teen in the row. The last person must then remove the water from the sponge. Before returning the sponge, empty the bucket. The winner is the line that collects the most amount of water within the established time.

11. Find The Leader

 Select one person to be the leader (“it). Ask that person to leave the room. Gather the other team members in a circle, and designate a “leader”. When the “it” returns, let them stand in the middle of the circle. The leader will offer strange moves and dances for everyone else, and the “leader” must try to guess who the leader is. Encourage your children to try to relate to different friends and neighbors, but don’t focus on leaders.

12. Lap Game

 In addition to the fact that everyone has a place, place chairs the way you play Musical Chairs. After everyone has a place, the parent or leader will ask “yes” or “no”. (Think: “Have you ever been out of the state?”) If the answer is “no,” that person will stay in their place. If the answer is yes, the person moves to the right, even if it means that they are sitting on someone’s lap. There really isn’t an obvious winner, just lots of smiles.

13. Capture The Flag

 This is one of the most popular outdoor family games. All children play this game on a picnic, but why not recommend some wound up teens to try it? When playing night games, you can use glow in the dark tape to mark edges and other glowing materials to make it more interesting.

14. Sardines

 This game is the opposite of hide and seek. In this interesting version, one person hides and everyone else searches for them. Here’s where the fun starts:  As more and more people find the hider, they should hide with them while only one person continues to watch. The key is to find a hidden place, which can accommodate almost everyone, as well as hide in a hidden place. It can become difficult for everyone to fit in the space, hence the name.

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