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The Full Axe Throwing Experience – What’s It Like?

axe throwing experience

Throwing a deadly weapon such as an axe is already dangerous in itself. When you add booze to the mix, the axe throwing experience can be scary. And yet, axe throwing has grown into a popular sport despite the fear that something could go wrong. Yes, axe throwing has taken first, North America , and now the rest of the World, by storm. From its days of exclusivity for lumberjacks, it has grown into a sport where every man and woman can compete.

Whether you’re looking experience being a traditional lumberjack or just want to participate in a fun and interesting hobby, throwing an axe or knife is a unique sport that spans the planet. Take part at axe throwing facilities and discover all the interesting things. Even beginners will easily get the hang of it. It’s all designed with your fun and safety in mind. Axe throwing is as easy to learn as darts and just as exciting. Most axe throwing facilities hold events on a regular basis. There is really no reason why you should not learn to wield an axe.

If this is your first experience in axe throwing, you will have no idea of what to expect when you arrive at the venue. Axe throwing is more complicated than what you think it is. Nothing is more satisfying than throwing an axe and hearing the thud as it sticks to the target. Axe throwing is perfect for all skill levels.

With axe throwing, you get to bring out the Viking or lumberjack in you. The former were well-renowned for wielding their axe during their raids and battles across Europe. Finding the time to learn axe throwing these days can be easy particularly due to the proliferation of axe throwing facilities.

Axe throwing is not just for the competitive. It can also be great as a team building activity. Most facilities are BOYB but they also serve drinks and food. This is where the danger lies because something can go wrong. You are throwing a dangerous weapon while drinking alcohol at the same time.

You are better off booking the facility in advance so that you can have the whole space for yourself and your team. Although you can still walk-in but you may have to share some space with other walk-in guests. This will be a good opportunity for you to meet new friends. At the entrance, you will have to sign the mandatory accident waiver and then get some introductions about the facility and axe throwing itself.

At the facility, there will be professional instructors and staff to teach you and ensure that you have a fun experience the entire team you are at the facility. Under the guidance of an instructor, you will be given a walk through of everything you need to be successful in axe throwing. Also, the instructor will brief you on the safety aspects as well as rules that you need to follow during the activity.

Next, the instructor will demonstrate various throwing techniques and provide you with tips on how to hit the bullseye. You will be allowed to take few practice throws and then individually help you fix your technical mistakes.

Having fun with family and friends

You might be at an axe throwing facility just for curiosity’s sake. But watch out after your first throw, you might get hooked to the experience and move on to regularly throw axes. Hurling an axe is not just fun but it also can provide you with an outlet for relieving all those work-related stresses. Mad at your boss or with a colleague? Let that anger out by throwing an axe.

Once you get hooked, you will want to throw axes regularly and even compete in tournaments. Axe throwing will not only be fun with friends but also perfect for family bonding. You can even arrange a mini-tournament in your family with the help of the facility of course.

Practice makes perfect

The addictive nature of axe throwing will want you to throw more axes so you can hone and perfect your throwing skills and compete with the best throwers in the club where you are throwing. Axe throwing sessions generally takes two and a half to three hours, depending on the size of the group. All the equipment including the axes will be provided by the facility. Practice and experience will hone your axe throwing skills.

It’s easier for you to practice given the number of facilities where you can practice. There are two leagues—World Axe Throwing League and International Axe Throwing Federation—each with different member facilities.

The Appeal of Axe Throwing

There are many things in the sport that he likes: he relaxes, moves at his own pace, and can take strategic action according to his needs or throw things at random, making it a good way to relieve stress. This is a strange sense of touch and satisfaction, because as the story in Ringer’s story about throwing an ax becomes global: “The sound of an ax drowning in a forest is like a call to the tall bats that are in contact or fully calibrated with baseball balls Power. Five. “Yes, that’s right.

Comedian Kate McCabe agreed. “I like it because it seems like a cruel occupation, but it’s not too difficult.” Throw a solid object and aim at the target. Simple but not easy. Form and focus are key. “she says.

This is also a good practice. According to Men’s Health, throwing axes can strengthen your legs, shoulder muscles, and core. (Incidentally, this article also illustrates this technique very well.) Self Magazine indicated that you also train your hamstrings and calves from an ax-throwing stance.

Whether you are in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Europe, there will surely be an axe throwing facility that you or your friends can hang out in and throw some Tomahawks or hatchets. All you have to do is sign up for fun or to join the league.

There will never be a dull moment when throwing an axe. The fact that you do it with friends or family makes the experience even more enjoyable.

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