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Where can I learn Axe Throwing In the UK?

Axe Throwing UK

From being a backyard sport, axe throwing has grown by leaps and bounds. Now it is a worldwide sensation played by both men and women. Currently, there are two leagues—the IATF and WATL—that organizes axe throwing competitions.

However, to be able to compete and be adjudged as one of the best axe throwers, you need constant practice and enhance your skills. Luckily, there are many axe throwing clubs in the UK where you can practice and hone your axe throwing skills. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the facilities that offer axe throwing.

Bad Axe Throwing

Founded by its CEO Mario Zelaya in 2014, Bad Axe Throwing opened its first facility in Burlington, Ontario. In just a few years, it has expanded across Canada and the United States with more than 40 locations. Built around the mission of bringing the thrill of traditional Canadian backyard pastime to urban communities.

Bad axe throwing employs axe throwing coaches as well as people who want to share their passion for throwing axes. They take pride in delivering outstanding customer service to their clients whether walk-in, leagues, private parties, and team building.

Bad Axe Throwing is the founding member of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL).  It was the host of the 2018 World Axe Throwing League Championship as seen on ESPN. At Bad Axe Throwing, you don’t need to have an experience. You can learn and eventually compete and be on ESPN.

Whistle Punk Urban Axe Throwing

Whistle Punk is the UK’s first urban axe throwing club. The place organizes tournaments for its club members every Monday. These are ranking games to determine who will enter the Champions tournament. There are also fun games for other players.

Whistle Punk Urban Axe Throwing offers annual and 6-month passes inclusive of code books to as many Club sessions as you wish.

There are also passes for 5 and 10 sessions. Each session is good for 140-minutes enough time to practice and at least 4-ranked matches. Tournaments for the top-ranked 12 players are held every quarter at the venue. They will battle it out for the Club championship.

Whistle Punk Birmingham

Looking for the perfect place to release all your pent-up emotions in Birmingham? The Birmingham Axe Throwing Club is the place to be. Launched in London in 2016, the popularity of the venue has escalated with 13,000 people having launched axes in their targets. Groups which have thrown axes in the venue include Google and the Women’s Institute.

Berserker’s Double Bit Axe Throwing Club

Berserker’s Double Bit Axe Throwing Club was established by Ian Radmore also known as “Radman,” Paul Swain, Dan Thomas, Lyn Dakin, and Richard Loxton. The Berserker’s is a fast growing not for profit group of sports enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom. Throwing bit axes is relatively new in the UK. It was just established in June 2018 but is steadily growing as members have now reached 100 individuals.

Berserker’s meets on a weekly basis to improve their skills at local clubs. There are monthly competitions where scores are entered into a national league table. There are several clubs offering taster sessions with the double axe during Sundays.

Essex Backyard Throwers  

Essex Backyard Throwers is the largest knife and tomahawk throwing club in the UK founded on August 24, 2016 by Alan K. Parish, Roger Nuttall, and Terry Longhurst. It was established for the purpose of creating a fun and safe environment for practicing precision knife and tomahawk throwing. Essex Backyard Throwers is a member of the Knife, Axe, Tomahawk Throwing Association UK.

The range can be hired for events such as parties, weddings, stag and hen parties, and corporate events. Their is a large car park that offers full accessibility for disabled people. The range is suitable for groups up to 30 people and prizes will vary depending on the size of the group.

Norfolk Flingers

Norfolk Flingers was founded by Rick Brister in 2015. It is one of the ten official clubs in UK. The club meets regularly in West Earlham in order to practice the sport and prepare their members for international competitions. The club has recently competed in the 2019 Eurothrowers World Championship.

Aside from that, Norfolk Flingers also have friendly competitions with Essex Backyard Throwers. The club meets at the Earlham Scout Group and pays £10 per session inclusive of equipment.

Valhalla North Ltd

Valhalla North was founded early 2019 by three friends who are passionate for axe throwing and a desire to see the growth of the sport in the UK. It was created in order to make the sports accessible to masses. The founders established the facility with the desire to provide members with something new and exciting.

Valhalla North takes pride in being the first and only dedicated indoor axe throwing center in Country Durham. It offers 1.5 hours session filled with fun. You can use this time to practice techniques or take part in team games and competitions. Valhalla North is a good place for learning axe throwing in London. Axe throwing lanes are available for private hire.

Southern Pursuits

Southern Pursuits is the ultimate destination for adrenaline-fueled activity including axe throwing. The facility provides an opportunity for people to experience medieval games as sports in the UK. The axe throwing section of Southern Pursuits features 10 huge wooden targets ranging from easy, medium, and hard.

At Southern Pursuits, customers get to try two different stainless steel axes. To make the activity a little bit more competitive, you can score each round and maybe offer a cash prize. Expert instructors will guide you in tracking the number of times you hit the target.

Axe throwing in Southern Pursuits can be a great team building activity. It offers an hour of axe throwing activity. You can aim to beat each other’s scores. Safety can be a guarantee as there are qualified instructors who will guide you and your team individually. You will only throw the axe when instructed to do so.

So next time you find yourself asking “where can you do axe throwing?” these facilities will provide the answer to your concern.  

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