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Where To Find Indoor Axe Throwing Clubs

Axe Throwing Target Dimensions

Axe throwing has grown in popularity over the years. It all started when Matt Wilson and some of his friends decided to throw some axes in Wilson’s backyard out of boredom. They eventually founded the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) in 2006. BATL venues soon spread throughout Ontario.

In 2016, Wilson founded the National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) which eventually became International Axe Throwing Foundation (IATF). A year later, the World Axe Throwing League was established.

Axe-throwing bars involves the use of a deadly weapon where someone can easily get injured or accidents can happen. Still, it has grown to become a national pastime all over the country, despite everything the risks that something can go wrong.

The first axe-throwing bar opened in Toronto in 2011.  Now, you can find them in several locations in the US and Canada. It has likewise spread to different parts of Europe. 

What are indoor axe-throwing clubs? 

This is an interior space designed for people to throw an ax (or an ax, a smaller ax) at a wooden target. Often with drinks, sometimes with food.

Ax throwing is a sport with Olympic ambitions (NATF organizes annual championships with standardized rules and regulations). So, some of the indoor axe-throwing clubs to throw axes in the United States are more like bowling alleys and have recreational leagues, while others are a bar or a pub. For example, Detroit Ax offers 12 lanes for axe throwing as well as 1,000 board games and a full-service restaurant, while Urban, a BYOB Arena in Philadelphia are more like an indoor skatepark.

All indoor axe-throwing venues are equipped with experts who teach beginners how to throw a sword (obviously more than one correct technique), and if this is part of a standardized ax throwing league, they can also learn the official rules from the ax throwing league. a game. But the competitiveness of throwing an ax is just what you want to do. Mainly like darts, but extreme.

Ax throwing places are popular places for group classes such as singles and bachelor parties as well as company field meetings.  Some axe throwing facilities provide an outlet for people to temporarily forget about their workflow problems. The ax-throwing location is also an ideal choice for those looking for new hobbies in the room.

How axe throwing works

This is how an ax works. This is primarily a group event, which must be booked in advance, although the bar can participate in events when available. The ax reservation fee is US $ 35-45 per person.

A typical space resembles an old warehouse, usually a warehouse with high ceilings, heavy walls, and chain links on the sides and target above. On the top wall is a wooden target with three concentric circles of different sizes and colors. Pitchers struggle to reach the goal and score points depending on their touchdown point. Once on the target, you will get 5 points, the circle around it is 3 and the outer circle is 1.

However, other axe throwing facilities are one-offs, and according to Detroit Ax’s Kretchmer, adding entertainment to a bar or restaurant is of commercial importance. According to him, these restaurants already offer good service. For most axe throwing facilities, they just want give other reasons for people to try out good food and good service and become the destination of choice. He said. In other words, an axe throwing club is almost like a new arcade.

Axe throwing training generally takes two and a half to three hours, depending on the number of people in the group. The bar can provide all the equipment including the shaft.

Axe throwing Games

Many ax throwing bars also have an axe thrower league where people can play axe throwing games that adds a competitive edge to the sport.

The allure of the new urban ax throwing facilities that have appeared across the country is that they are easy to use, communicate, and expand in a discrete or random order. You can think of them as updated versions of bowling lanes in the 1970s (and more in vogue).

You can try to drop the ax by participating in social events, group or corporate events, or joining alliances, and in these cases more competitive pitchers getting injured. Payton said: “The league is forming in eight weeks.” “There are 30 people in each league, and the first seven weeks they use a round robin system. Last week is the playoffs. ” The coach is responsible for training and monitoring safety in each target area.

So … is it safe?

In every way, yes. In 2015, the BATL reported only five to six minor injuries in its nine-year history. These were primarily due to shaft malfunction (for example, raising its head with an ax instead of a handle).

Although drinking is allowed, steps are still being taken in many places to ensure that it is not out of control. The Detroit axe can only drink one bottle of wine per hour in the axe drop area above the bar. Strong alcohol cannot be consumed at BYOB locations (such as City Axes). The ax thrower knows that drunk people should not throw an ax, and staff should be careful. “Someone is watching you on every track,” explains Jeff Kretchmer, owner of the Detroit Ax team. “It is as safe as possible. It is as safe as darts or bowling. Like more than one place throwing an ax, they said, “Don’t be an ax,” everything will be fine with you.

Before someone picks up the ax, briefly review the safety rules and show them to the participants. A coach will teach you how to throw three different types of throws. Overhand, two hands on the ax, one hand after another.

Where can I find one?

Many places. There are places to throw axes in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore and, of course, Brooklyn. Massachusetts has at least 4. There are also venues outside of North America. Chances are, there will also be one near you.

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